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PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 11:03 am    Post subject: All the e3 interview about METROID PRIME 3 Reply with quote






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NP: First can you tell us a bit on the story in
Metroid Prime 3 and how it fits into the series?

Mark Pacini(Director): Well, Corruption is a direct
sequel to Metroid Prime 2. The goal of the game is to
wrap up the storyline that deals with Phazon, which
was featured in Prime and Prime 2, as the cause of
what happened to the planets that Samus visited. So in
Prime, it corrupted the planet and all the creatures
there. In Prime 2, it actually seperated the planet
into the light and dark worlds. In Prime 3, Phazon has
a much more galaxy-wide effect. So the player will
understand the fate of Phazon and why it's so
important. And not only does it relate to Samus' goals
in the game, but Samus herself also gets corrupted. So
her ability set to change over the course of the gane
and kind of tie into the storyline. "Corruption" is
not only a story theme, but also a game mechanic that
we're using throughout Prime 3.

NP: Can you share any examples of those game

MP: The main gimmick behind the corruption is the idea
of hyper mode. Hyper mode has been something that
we've used in the Prime series before, but it's also
been in Super Metroid at the very end. Well, because
of this Phazon corruptionm we're giving the player the
ability to go into that mode at any time and become
very powerful, which open up a subset of abilities
that Samus will have based on this Phazoncorruption.
The caveat to that is while you're extremely powerful
for a period of time, you also have the possibilty of
dying. So you're kind of balancing the system at the
same time. You would naturally time out of the system
or you would use up all your Phazon while you're
shooting your weapons and things like that. Your
corruption fuels this hyper mode, so you shoot weapons
your health bar switches to a different type of
management system. So you can stay in hyper mode for a
longer period of time or you can use all your Phazon
and get out of hyper mode very quickly. But it's kind
of up to the player to balance that system and the
risk involved in it. So it's actually something the
player will use fairly often during the game anf
that's kind of something new that we're offering for
Prime 3.

NP: With the new contole scheme that the Wii enables,
will the game place a greater emphasis on action?

Kensuke Tanabe(Producer): Well because it's part of
the Metroid Prime series, it's importto keep a
balance. It will still have many exploration elements
as well as the shooting elements. But because of the
new Wii controller, it may be easier and more
intuitive for the player to shoot at enemies, so there
is the possibilty that there will be a little bit more
focus on the shooting then before.

NP: What are some of the most important things that
the ream learned from the first two games, and how are
they applying those lessons to Corruption?

MP: There are many things that we learned. One of them
is what people maybe would like to see improved about
the game. Certain parts, like the re-traversal
aspects. We always try to understand what parts of
re-traversal are fun and what parts are frustrating
for people. So we put alot of thought going into Prime
3 into how we can improve the way the player makes
their way through the game Re-traversal and
exploration are fundamental to the Metroid series, so
that's really not going to change, but how the player
does it and to what degree they do it is something
that we're really making improvements on. Also with
the difficulty level. We think that Prime was more of
a game for Metroid fans and gamers, and Prime 2 was
for those fans as well. They were tuned a little bit
on the difficult side. And I think that while the game
is still going to be very challenging, we would like
to make sure that a wide variety of people can play
Corruption. But I don't think fundamentally it's going
to change the way the game is. It's just something
we're keeping in mind. We don't want to scare people
away that might be intimidated by a game like this.
Those are really two main things that we've learned
over the past two titles.

NP: Judging by the demo, the game looks like it might
be a little more cinematic the the first two. Is that
the focus for the team?

MP: Yeah, that was very much a conscious thing that
we're doing because the system's more powerful [then
the Gamecube]. It allows us to create larger
enviornments that are just as detailed as Prime and
Prime 2. So we get to tell the story, not always in
cinematics. We can tell it by what's going on around
you. I think that's extremely important, and we're
doing that to all important, and we're doing that to
all the locations that the player is going to be
visited throughout this game. We're really making a
concious effort to utilize the technology not to just
make things look pretty, which they're going to, but
actually for solid gameplay reasons. Like why can you
see far into the distance?. Because it's actually
important to what's happening in the game.
Brian Walker(Senior Producer):
Samus is part of a bigger struggle.

NP: Can you talk a bit about the role of the other
bounty hunters?.

MP: Maybe a little bit?. [laughs] There are other
bounty hunters in the game that are heavily tied to
what's happening in the story as far as corruption. So
the things that are happening to Samus, she can
possibly see through the result of what's happening to
these other hunters as well. Again, this corruption
theme is an underlying element to the entire game.
These bounty hunters aren't just other characters in
the game;they actually are important to telling the
story of what could potentially happen to Samus.

NP: Prime is noted for being one of the most vissualy
impressive series on the Gamecuber. What are your
thoughts on Wii from a hardware horsepower standpoint.

BW: It's obviously a more powerful machine. With Prime
3 we have been able to improve all aspects of the game
as a result. Vissualy we've got bloom lighting. We've
been able to improve our animation system to take
advantage of the new hardware. And the enviornments
are also significantly bigger. Even better, it's a
developer friendly machine. Power is nothing if you
can't use it. And that has been a big factor for us.
We've been able to create better content very quickly
with the Wii.

NP: Will Corruption be a launch title?

BW: Yes.

NP: Will Samus visit multiple planets in the game, and
will there be any ship-flying stages?

MP: Yes, Samus will go to other planets. It's kind of
important to the corruption theme and the storyline
that Samus goes to other planets. She'll be able to
use her ship, not necessarily for direct flying to
these planets. But conversely to that, we are using
the ship in a very unique way for Prime 3 in that
there's a new visor called the Command Visor, which
allows Samus to, from a third person view, command her
ship remotely to do things in the enviornment. So the
ship can come in and do bombing runs or it can come in
and lift really huge objects for you, or you can
actually use it to traverse areas as a platform. So it
actually becomes another tool in Samus' arsenal. We
thought that was a unique way of bringing in the ship.

NP: Will you be able to travel back and forth between

MP: Absolutely. Again, it's fundamental in Metroid to
go back to previous areas and either explore more or
unlock a different path. So that will definitely still
be the case.

NP: Will there be other new visors in addition to the
one you just mentioned, and can you talk a bit about
those or any new beams in the game?

MP: Beyond the Command Visor there's the Combat Visor
and Scan Visor, which appeared in the previous games.
We're also bringing back the X-Ray Visor for this
game. In some of the previous Metroids, because of how
the design turned out, sometimes people weren't able
to use the visors to their fullest abilities because
Samus has such a large ability set. So what we wanted
to do was make sure that with the X-Ray Visor it's not
just for looking through walls or for invisible
platforms and stuff, which will still be there, but we
also want[the visor]to have a relationship to her
other ablities. For example, one of the beams that
Samus will get allows her to shoot through walls, so
you can use the X-Ray Visor to see through objects and
maybe target certain things behind a wall that you
wouldn't normally be able to see, and use the beam in
conjunction with the visor. Also with the beams, we're
doing a little different system with Metroid Prime 3
then we did in Prime 1 and 2 where you had selectable
beams. In Prime 3, we're going with a stacking system
similat to, say, Super Metroid. It's kind of a
harkening back to that. We thought that system worked
really well, especially for what we were trying to do
with this game, so the beam will stack and keep all
it's inherent abilities even though you're getting
different weapons layered on top of it. And that goes
for all weapons that Samus will have. Her beam stacks,
her missles stacks, and also the grapple beam stacks.

NP: What role will the Metroids play in the game?

MP: They'll be back. We've actually gotten a lot of
comments about maube Metroids don't make enough
apperences in the Metroid Prime games. Although the
Metroid Prime series storyline doesn't necessarily
revolve around Metroids, per se, we do fell thet're
important to the franchise. And people like seeing
them; it's very nostalgic. So Metroids will defentely
be back, but they also serve a definite story purpose
and you will see more of them in this game.

NP: How about the Chozo? Will they play a role in this

MP: Umm...yes.[laughs]

NP: Will there be anything witth the light and dark
worlds like in Echoes?

MP: No, that was for that particular planet.

NP: How about multilayer or Wi-Fi play?

MP: We will not have multiplayer in Metroid Prime 3 in
the same format that we had with Metroid Prime 2.
However, we are excited about the Wiiconnect24 brings
to the table, and we're seriously considering a
variety of different functions to take advantage of

NP: Anything else you would like our readers to know
about the game?

KT: As you may know, this is the last game in the
Metroid Prime trilogy. But at the same time, we will
continue expanding the franchise. You saw an example
of that with Metroid Prime Hunters on DS.

NP: What's in the future for Retro? Will you take
Metroid in a different direction, or will it be
something new?

BW: Retro won't close down when we're finished with
Metroid Prime 3.[laughs] But we look forward to new
MP: What would you like to see us work on?.

NP: I would be intrigued to see something new. I'd
love to see what Retro can do with something original.

BW: We're very fortunate that we have a lot of
extremely talented developers, and I think a new
challenge like you've described would be a great venue
for them to really flex their creative muscle.
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1) It's been posted in the general FAQ topic.

2) Quad post = bad. Lay off that button. D=<
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Sweat Another one? I'll PM DO about this. Why must people make repeat topics? Glare

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Technically speaking, this isn't a repeat topic. There is no topic with the interviews with Retro about the game, you know (at least I couldn't find one)... There's some interviews I hadn't seen before, so thank you. As a matter of fact, you could go as far as to sticky this topic.

Multi-posting is bad, though.

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Please don't.....quadruple post. Edit your previous post with new information. I compounded your first two posts into one.

I believe this topic serves a different enough purpose to exist separately....I guess.

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n128 wrote:
Also with
the difficulty level. We think that Prime was more of
a game for Metroid fans and gamers, and Prime 2 was
for those fans as well. They were tuned a little bit
on the difficult side.

Are you kidding me...??? *sighs* Hoping for more difficulty... Hope there's still a Hard Mode...
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I'm not going to give a warning here, because that interview would have been really hard to find. Since the link has been posted, this topic needs to be locked.
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