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PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2005 8:26 pm    Post subject: *** Our Punishment/Ban System - This Is How It's Works *** Reply with quote

We [The SCU Admin/Mod Team], have decided to somewhat simplify the punishment/ban system to ensure that all forum members are allowed to enjoy the free time that they spend socialising here in this incredible community, with as little negative interruption as possible. SCU has probably got one of the funniest and personal internet communities I've ever been a part of, and it saddens me that at times, people don't feel that the simple rules we have in place, are applicable to them.

So hence this topic and the process itself. Before we used to dish out 2 warnings, then a suspension and then a permanent ban. However, it appeared to us that nobody really paid any attention to the warning tags and some in fact relished them (go you rebels). So, we've decided to change it a little. And PLEASE NOTE! that what constitutes a minor or major breaking of the rules is completely at the discretion of the Admins (although the final say lays with me). If you read and abide by the rules, you won't even need to worry about such a thing anyways...

From now on, the punishment process for breaking any of the forum rules (found in this very board), will be as follows:

.:Strike 1 - A Single Warning:.
You will get a single warning tag below your username on the forum. This won't stick around for a set period of time (like before), and will only be removed once we [The SCU Admins] have decided that you have proven that you are prepared to clean up (or have shown to have cleaned up) your act on the forum. This is normally only given to anything that we [The SCU Admins/Mods] decide is a relatively minor offence.

If you have your warning tag removed and you act the fool again, don't think that you'll simply just receive another warning tag again. The chances are you'll be on probation (depending on how long ago your warning tag was removed, and this will vary depending on the severity of the individual situation).

.:Strike 2 - Probation:.
This is given out to anyone who we believe is either a constant nusiance to the community and to ourselves, who feels the need to break the rules in a major, flamboyant way or for any other action such as repeated flaming or for things like failing to comply witha direct Admin/Mod request to stop whatever it may be that you are doing. Anyone who recieves a Probation tag will be closely monitored by the admin/mod team, and any further rule violations will be duly noted and will then result in a - very permament - ban. What actually consititutes as being "worthy" of being put on probation is - as always - at the discretion of the Admins/Mods.

.:Strike 3 - You're Out! (Banned):.
It's not something that I personally enjoy doing, but I've done it before and I'll do it again (regardless of how long you've been a member, how many posts you've made or even if your a mod or a fellow admin). I don't ban members from the forum for a single reason, it's ALWAYS an accumulation of things that have taken things too far. People seem to think that when I say a SCU ban is permanent, that I really mean it's temporary. But let me remind people that once you're banned from this forum, that's it. You're banned. Forever. And no amount of begging or name calling will change the fact. Ban dodgers have ALWAYS been caught, so it's futile even bothering to try that.

All we ask to avoid being tagged with the above is to simply respect all other members and be a well-rounded pro-active member of this damn fine community. It's the largest Metroid community in the world for a very good reason, because we all have a cracking time here. I've made a bunch a really cool friends from this community (and then some, isn't that right Moony Wink ), and we all pretty much get on brilliantly. And we certainly don't appreciate having to waste our own precious free time having to deal with problems. So try not to make us please. Thanks. Very Happy

And if you DO feel that a punishment you've recieved is too harsh (except for those who are banned, as people ARE only banned for specific reasons), then you CAN raise this with an admin via our Private Messages function or via e-mail if you prefer. No we can't guarantee an immediate response, but we will (and have in the past) looked at peoples cases. And if we feel that you have presented your individual case in a manner that shows you HAVE been treated harshly or unfairly, then we will rectify the matter swiftly. But if we feel that the decision was justified, then it really is a case of learning from your mistakes.
Andrew "The Original Womanizer" Mills,
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